Sun­day, 11 Decem­ber 2011 04:19

2012: Part I


What I’ve been up to until now.

It’s the first of July and that means the first half of 2012 is gone. At this point I ask myself “what have I accom­plished by now? Did I waste half of the year doing noth­ing?

Well, I’ve been work­ing for my agency until March. In that time I’ve been work­ing on many dif­fer­ent projects such as the CeBit 2012 Ban­ner for Audi, print pub­li­ca­tions for Kabel1 ads and fash­ion stuff.

In March I took a break from work and focused on the final exams of my Medi­ade­sign edu­ca­tion, which included four the­ory and three prac­ti­cal tests. This took very much of my time since I had to recap and write down every­thing I learned in school and pre­pare my Roll-​Up. At this point I can proudly say that I suc­ceeded in my the­ory tests and on July 9th I get the results of my prac­ti­cal work.

Besides my agency and exam work I haven’t been able to do many planned shoot­ings but I wasn’t lazy at all. I did a lit­tle fun­shoot with Uli and I shot a wed­ding this spring. Oh yeah and I’ve been fea­tured in the newest Video2Brain DVD Release.

But of course there’s not only work. I man­aged to go on a lit­tle cre­ative­walk in Munich, attended the STROKE 2012, vis­ited con­certs of Jus­tice, Exam­ple and Skrillex and tried to spend as much time I can with my friends.

What about you? What did you accom­plish and what are you proud of?

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