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Review: Mobiletto iPad Case

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Gear Review of the Mobiletto iPad Case.

Since I got my iPad in mid 2012 I checked sev­eral cases and never felt sta­t­is­fied, either it looked cheap or it was way over­prized. I’ve been look­ing for a case that goes com­pletly around the iPad so the Smart Cover didn’t match my needs. A few weeks before christ­mas I finally found one that was afford­able and looked nice.

Mobiletto iPad Case

The case itself comes in black leather. It feels good but to me it looks a bit cheap due it’s glossy sur­face. Another down­side was its chem­i­cal smell but after a few days it was gone (or I got used to it — either way its ok now). Well, what can I say more about the fea­tures of a iPad case. You can unfold it and have a nice stand. Oh and the back­side reveals the apple logo. Kinda Batman/Ironman-ish.The big advan­tage is its 360 degree rota­tion while stand­ing. Watch­ing pic­tures in por­trait mode has never been that easy.


I ordered it from Ark­tis (Spe­cial Sale) and got sev­eral acces­sories with the case. 2 pro­tec­tive films (which I actu­ally don’t use), a really tiny microfiber rag and a touch pen. The touch pen itself works pretty well on the iPad but it isn’t all to accu­rate in terms of draw­ing your next mas­ter­piece on the iPad.

The big Issue

Might not be an issue at all. I feel like the bat­terylife has reduced. It might be the cover which doesn’t com­pletely turn off the iPad or it might be the last iOS update. I hon­estly don’t know. If its the cover it might be the biggest down­side to this case. Even though it has some bugs I still like the cover. Which one do you use?

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review ipadcase1

review ipadcase1

review ipadcase1

review ipadcase1

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