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Doc­u­men­taries worth watching

Doku intro

Got noth­ing to do? Go and watch some good stuff.

I don’t know about you, but I HATE nor­mal tv shows. Stuff like “The Voice of Germany”/“X-Factor”/“Dschungelcamp”/“Bachelor”/“Wetten Dass…” and so on annoy the shit out of me. The same goes for ger­man pro­duc­tions such as “Tatort” and “Alarm fuer Cobra11”. I would always pre­fer watch­ing amer­i­can shows like Game of Thrones/​Mad Men/​Dexter/​Breaking Bad or a good doc­u­men­tary over any of these shitty shows. And that’s what this blog is about. Good Doc­u­men­taries worth watching.

No, I wont bother you with the sex­ual life of the northamer­i­can wan­der snail or any­thing like that. It’s all about photography,design and music. It will include free watch­able Docus on Vimeo and Trailer to buyable Documentaries.

Banksy — Exit through the gift shop

The most under­ground movie of all you’re gonna see in this post.

This movie is about Thierry Guetta, who tries to locate and befriend the under­ground leg­end “Banksy”.


Hel­vetica — The Movie

Hel­vetica is your favorite Font? Even if not, there’s no way to escape Helvetica.

Design­peo­ple are dis­cussing Hel­vetica. It even has Erik Spiek­er­mann in it.



The 18 minute “Con­nect­ing” doc­u­men­tary is an explo­ration of the future of Inter­ac­tion Design and User Expe­ri­ence from some of the industry’s thought leaders.

Very “spon­sored” video but still worth watching

Watch online:

Press Pause Play

Press­Pause­Play is a doc­u­men­tary about how the age of afford­able, high-​quality tech­nol­ogy and increased con­nec­tiv­ity has rev­o­lu­tionised the way we create.

Inter­view dri­ven Documentary.

Watch online:

Side by Side

Keanu Reeves talks with George Lucas, James Cameron, David Lynch, Mar­tin Scors­ese, Christo­pher Nolan and many more about the future of film and the dig­i­tal Revolution.

Inter­view dri­ven Documentary.


Joey Lawrence — Varanasi

Joeys trip to Varanasi.

Every­thing you would expect from Joey. Really good stuff and intense stories.

Watch online:

All I Can

Ski­ing, Snow­board­ing — you name it


The Art of Flight

Even more Ski­ing and Snow­board­ing, but its High­class stuff from Red Bull.


The Art of Rap

Ice-​T dri­ving arround in the US, inter­view­ing Rappers.

If you are into Rap its pretty amus­ing, since almost every Rap­per he’s meet­ing per­forms a quick freestyle.


Take One

The Swedish House Mafia Documentary.

Rave, Rave, Paris Hilton and guess what? More Rave!


Upcom­ing Stuff

Two flicks Im look­ing for­ward to:

Fight­ing Fear (Bra Boys II)

Time ZERO — The last year of Polaroid film

Alright im done. Have fun watching!

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