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MacMini vs MacPro

MacMini Intro

Is the MacMini a wor­thy Post­pro­duc­tion Workstation?

Since it doesnt seem like Apple would upgrade the MacPro in near future everyone’s look­ing for alter­na­tives. So are the Post­pro­duc­tion Agen­cies. The last two days I had the oppor­tu­nity to test one of the newest MacMini’s. I tested stuff like open­ing three big files at the same time (2 GB, 2,5GB and 5GB), work­ing with 16bit smar­to­b­jects, Lens­blur, trans­form­ing big files, inter­po­late pic­tures up to the dou­ble size, Liquify and so on..normal Post­pro­duc­tion stuff we need all day. I tried to match the con­di­tions as far as pos­si­ble and worked with the same files off the desk­top with no other pro­grams run­ning in the back­ground and stopped the time while the machines were doing their thing.

To be hon­est, the test isn’t that accu­rate since my “test MacPro” isn’t one of our High­End Machines, hell, I didn’t even rein­stall the MacPro before the test but I think the results show atleast what the new Mac Minis are capa­ble of. There are few things that both­ered me, like hav­ing only one HDMI port and ofcourse I didn’t have a split­ter with me..so only one Dis­play instead of two. Not really dra­matic but worth men­tion­ing. The biggest plus is the price, you can get the MacMini for like 1,200 bucks and the test MacPro for about 7.000. Per­son­ally I think the Mini’s are pretty fast and in the near future they might be able to replace the MacPro’s. I’ll keep an eye on them.

The Facts

Lens­blur (CS5)
Qual­ity: Good, All adjusters on build in set­tings, 8Bit
Mac Mini: 2:35min
Mac Pro: 5:40min

Lens­blur (CS6)
Qual­ity: Good, All adjusters on build in set­tings, 8Bit
Mac Mini: 1:10min
Mac Pro: 8:00min

Inter­po­late (CS5)
2GB File from 80 to 160DPI
Mac Mini: 2:10min
Mac Pro: 9:12min

2GB file (CS5)
Mac Mini: 1 sek
Mac Pro: 6 sek

Open a 5 GB file (CS5)
Mac Mini: 52 sek
Mac Pro: 5:58min

Inter­po­late a 5 GB from 200 to 300 DPI (CS5)
Mac Mini: 5:08min
Mac Pro: 12:58min

Inter­po­late a 5 GB from 200 to 300 DPI (CS6)
Mac Mini: 2:58min
Mac Pro: 18:13min (-I can­celled the process at like 70% since it took way to long-)

Pho­to­shop CS6 Stress tests
(Work­ing with three big files at the same time, 2GB, 2,5GB and 5GB)

2GB file
Mac Mini: 9sek
MacPro: 11 Sek

Trans­form­ing a layer from 100 to 120%
2GB file
Mac Mini: 12 sek
Mac Pro: 1:05min

5GB File from 8bit to 16bit
Mac Mini: 1:07min
Mac Pro: 5:30min

MacMini StatsMini MacMini StatsPro

(Like I said..not one of our High­End Machines ;))

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