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Pro­fes­sional Retouching

retouching intro

A lit­tle insight on my work psds

It’s funny how things change. When I did more free projects and free­lance Shoot­ings I thought the “real” adver­tis­ing retouch­ing was about smart­fil­ters and all that fancy stuff Mr Hol­ly­wood and Saglim­beni are post­ing. But in fact it’s more like back to the roots. If you want to start you should check out Natalia Taffarel’s way of retouch­ing. It’s more like what we are used to do every day.

The Dif­fer­ence

The stuff I retouched on my pic­tures was mostly skin and body­form­ing, now I take more care of the back­ground, clothes and the over­all look. Wrin­kles? Get rid of them. Stuff that doesn’t make sense in the back­ground? Remove it. Clothes and shoes are too big or too small? Make them fit! In this pic­ture the fab­ric is pretty rough so it doesn’t need to be per­fect. There are some light and dark spots where the wrin­kles are sup­posed to be but the fab­ric is more cotten-​ish which is ok. On silk and stuff like that I usu­ally remove them too.

retouching clothes1 retouching clothes2


Color is impor­tant. It always was in terms of the over­all look but big fash­ion clients want their prod­uct shots look like the real prod­uct. That’s why they send us the clothes to match them. It just isn’t enough to have a red dress if the red is magenta and not orange red like the real dress. Some­times the client wants us to swap col­ors, not only in clothes but in more tricky stuff like hair.

retouching hair1

retouching hair2


You want to see how my PSDs look like? Well, here you go. The first two pic­tures are just nor­mal fash­ion shots for look­books and pub­li­ca­tions like Instyle Ger­many. Noth­ing really spe­cial there, if we do our fancy RAW tech­nique in Pho­to­shop its a smar­to­b­ject and if we start work­ing with Cap­ture­One its just a nor­mal TIF. Usu­ally we just dupli­cate the layer and start retouch­ing. The look is just a few curves inside a folder.

The third is a sim­ple com­pos­ing. Notice the % behind the per­sons. When putting together com­pos­ings we make sure every­thing is as uncom­pli­cated as pos­si­ble. If the client wants another Per­son instead of the one already used in the exact same place we just need to replace it with the % value.

retouching layers fashion comp

I hope you liked this lit­tle look behind the scenes. If you want me to do a full tuto­r­ial just msg me and I’ll see what I can do for you.

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