Sat­ur­day, 06 April 2013 12:00

Today I quit my job


WTF? Why did you do that?

Well, first of all I quit my job already yesterday.

I’ve been think­ing about that step for a long time now so it wasnt very spon­tanous at all. My whole life is about fol­low­ing my heart and the things I believe in and the 1 and a half years at PX5 were quiet a ride. I’ve had lots of fun, but the more time passed I rec­og­nized some­thing is miss­ing. It wasn’t the thing I want to do for the rest of my life, I missed the cre­ative part about it all. I also started divid­ing work and life again, which to me is a sign of “doing it wrong”. I needed to do this step now, before it all gets worse and I begin to hate my job or some­thing like that. My res­ig­na­tion went very well, there’s no bad blood between my boss/​colleagues and me. Luck­ily every­one under­stood my step.

Whats Next?

Well, I’ll be still going to work for the next three months and after that? To be hon­est, I don’t know. There’s no mas­ter­plan behind it all but I’ll make my way. As always ;)

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