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Mak­ing Of: “The Call” Part I

call intro

The Call? WTH are you talk­ing about?

Well yeah, I took some time off and started a short­movie project called “The Call”. Doing a sto­ry­based short was some­thing I’ve always wanted to do but I never had the time/​equipment to do it. After my trip to venice I felt reliefed and cre­ative enough to do shoot­ings again. I took some time to develop shoot­ing Ideas and one of them became more — once I had the pic­ture in my head I felt its some­thing that could work as a short aswell. It was one of those moments where I just couldn’t stop. The story devel­oped from one scene to the next one already with some kind of sound­track in my mind. As time passed I got more into After Effects and Vegas again, bought the stuff I need and made a full ani­mated Storyboard.

call storyboard
The ani­mated Sto­ry­board with 5.1 sur­round sound. It might look like a mess but its just the start­ing point.

I wont spoil any­thing story related yet — as far as you need to know my Inspi­ra­tion was the game “Hot­line Miami” and the Movie “Drive”. What do they both have in com­mon? Great Sound­track, many scenes at night and gore. Sounds like a real chal­lange for my first short. Espe­cially the night set­ting could be a prob­lem with starter equip­ment — atleast thats what I thought. The main cam­era is my beloved Nikon D7000 — Nikon isn’t known for great video to begin with and since its a DX cam­era the sen­sor isn’t really made for nightvi­sion. Nev­er­the­less I took the chal­lange and made a few Tests at night.

When I came home and checked the files on my com­puter I was dis­ap­pointed. Every­thing was full of noise even on a really well lit park­ing lot. After load­ing my files into After Effects I edited the hell outta these files and tried dif­fer­ent meth­ods to get rid of the noise. That’s where my Post­pro­duc­tion his­tory came in handy, vide­ofiles in AE work sim­i­lar to pic­tures in Pho­to­shop. Once I got that crap out of my files I threw a quick color cor­rec­tion on the footage and voila — it looked good. I might put more effort into the real files to make it look even bet­ter but for now I’m really happy with the results.

call dslr orig
Out of cam screen­grab. f4.5 ISO 100

call dslr DeNoiseLook
Denoise and color corrected

I fig­ured some shots might be eas­ier to do with a GoPro Hero3 that’s why it’s my sec­ond cam­era on this shoot. Same pro­ce­dure as before, went film­ing at night and denoised/​color cor­rected in AE.

call GoPro Orig
Out of cam­era. Pro­tune mode.

call GoPro DeNoiseLook
Denoise and color corrected

Now after all equip­ment arrived and the final tests are done I’ll start film­ing the real dri­ving footage and do the peo­ple stuff. Thats it for now. I’ll keep you updated with my progress with Trail­ers and my promo pho­to­shoot for it.

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