Wednes­day, 30 Octo­ber 2013 21:08

Mak­ing Of: “The Call” Part II

call btspicsintro

Just a lit­tle look behind the scenes

This wont be as infor­ma­tive as the last blog but I promised to keep you updated on the process. My team (well, just me and my main actor basi­cally) didn’t catch much sleep the last few nights — thanks to that guy who thought mak­ing a movie in the dark would look awe­some. Douchebag me. Well, good news is that most of the car and dri­ving shots are done and the GoPro/​D7000 Setup worked quite well. Sadly the weather crossed our plans and made film­ing last and tonight impos­si­ble but as far as my footage goes it’s already look­ing very promis­ing. I’ll go deep into my Sto­ry­board — Rough Cut — Final Cut Work­flow in one of the next entries but for now just a few BTS Screen­grabs off the GoPro Hero3.

call BTS1

call BTS2

call BTS3

call BTS4

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