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Mak­ing Of: “The Call” Part III

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The Hal­loween Edition

Today is Hal­loween and you know what they say…Halloween is best cel­e­brated with blood — lots of blood. I already teasered the intro image yes­ter­day on my twit­ter account say­ing that last night was a bloody mess. Well, of course there aren’t only dri­ving scenes in my film, there’s also action and moody gore. There­fore I was look­ing for fake blood which can be used on clothes/​environment/​skin and should also be wash­able. I stum­bled over BLUAT, a lit­tle com­pany from Ingol­stadt and ordered a small can of blood. The price was alright and I thought it’s worth giv­ing a shot. BEST. DES­I­CION. EVER.

The con­sis­tence of the liq­uid was supris­ingly sticky, which was indeed a good thing. It made it very easy to model blood­stains on the mask and the shirt even though the plas­tic mask took a lit­tle bit longer to get dry. After about an hour the plas­tic mask was also dry and still had that wet look you see in the intro image. I think its pos­si­ble to speed up the dry­ing process but for me there was no rea­son to hurry.

As far as wash­able goes it worked as promised. Cold water and a bit of rub­bing and my test stains on the floor, shirt and my skin were gone.

I highly rec­om­mend it.

call maskbluat

A lit­tle Hal­loween Preview:

This hand­some out­fit will be an impor­tant part of the movie.

call maskpreview1

call maskpreview2

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