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Mak­ing Of: “The Call” Part IV

call viralintro1

Sto­ry­boards save your ass!

They really do. Just believe me. Explain­ing scenes or a com­plete movie to peo­ple can be a pain in the ass. Espe­cially if you already planned every shot, every light sit­u­a­tion — its just too much infor­ma­tion to tell and results in weird half true answers. That’s why I drew and ani­mated a Sto­ry­board. Yes it looks paint-​ish, yes it looks cheap and shit but it deliev­ers the mes­sage and thats the only impor­tant thing. Every per­son involved in mak­ing my short saw that ani­mated sto­ry­board and knew where the jour­ney is going. It took the “fear” out of some shots and was very help­ful in the way of body act­ing — the actors knew what’ll be in the frame and took care. The out­fit selec­tion was also much eas­ier since we knew what direc­tion we’re heading.

It even helped me develop a faster work­flow. In the begin­ning I only had the idea and my ani­mated sto­ry­board — no filmed footage at all. Every­thing about it was rough, the draw­ing style, the tim­ings, the cuts but it helped me to decide if music fits or not. Thats right, I tested my music tracks with the sto­ry­board — if it fits there it’ll also fit with real good footage. In terms of Sound­de­sign I got myself a col­lec­tion of roy­alty free sounds plus self recorded files and arranged them with the ani­mated sto­ry­board aswell.

After import­ing the first filmed footage it was very easy to replace the pic­tures in the time­line with it and made cut­ting much easier.

How does my sto­ry­board and the actual shot look like? Well, like this:

call storyboard

call BTS5

I think its pretty close and the relaxed dri­ving style fits bet­ter than my first con­cept. You see, it helps a lot fin­ish­ing the con­cept first and shoot after that — even though the real shoot­ing is much more fun.

Release date.

Well, I was so fool­ish to write a release date on twit­ter — which should’ve been this week­end — but there are still some scenes miss­ing which sadly couldn’t been filmed yet due to the weather con­di­tions. It seems like the weather will be steady in the next few nights which means I can finally move on with film­ing stuff but it might not work till sun­day. But no wor­ries, there’s always a Plan B. I’ll release a few short trail­ers that show a part of the story, which isn’t shown in the actual film, you might call it a Trailer Pre­quell thingy. The Intro Image of this post is an actual screen­grab and fea­tures a hid­den mes­sage, can you spot it? Plus there’ll be a Poster­art and a rear related blog post in the near future. In terms of a fixed release date for the trailers/​the movie: WHEN ITS DONE.
(not gonna make that mis­take again)

Stay tuned folks!

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