Sat­ur­day, 30 Novem­ber 2013 18:00

Mak­ing Of: “The Call” Part V

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Raphael Lech­ner presents his first short film named “The Call”. The movie is based on the Indie Game of the Year 2012 “Hot­line Miami” and fea­tures many key ele­ments of the game and the offi­cial soundtrack.


If you want to sur­vive you have to work, it’s as sim­ple as that. Not everybody’s work­ing in the same busi­ness though. There is a whole indus­try nobody wants to talk about, an indus­try that kills for a liv­ing. No names, no faces, just a sim­ple call and an adress. This night we are fol­low­ing a name­less Killer through his bloody work rou­tine, but tonight some­thing unfore­seen happens.

call synopsis

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Hi, I’m Raphael Lech­ner from Rosen­heim.
I make things look pretty as a Designer, Pho­tog­ra­pher and Retoucher.